Do you have the temperament of a tameless animal, which loves freedom and independence? If so, you will feel in this room like at home. Decent decors with wolf-motives will set the mood for wild days and passionate nights. The wolf evokes fear and admiration. Thanks to its mysterious strength he appears in many tales, myths, and legends. The wolf does not mean only fear and concern – in Roman times „to see a wolf“ meant good fortune. And there is never enough good fortune.


Discover new energy

Are you looking for new energy? Be astounded of the wolf’s strength, the symbol of courage and loyalty for centuries. This mythic beast will grant you its agility during the day and boldness the night. Forget your troubles and leave them outside the Villa. Let your fantasy loose and begin to write a new chapter of life in our Wolf. Maybe you will find out something about yourself you didn’t know.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest


of Africa

Organizers of The Boutique Hotel Awards in London described our Villa as a „sanctuary inspired by Africa discovered in the middle of the Czech countryside“. The idea to open our Villa Memories was born during our travels across South Africa. Savor the neocolonialist design of our interior which is dominated by Indonesian teak wood and other natural materials.

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