Do you already have your own expectations of your stay in the Villa Memories? If so, just choose one out of the seven packages, which are meant as a two-night stay. If you want to choose one after your arrival, there is nothing to worry about. We are happy to prepare a tailored all-inclusive program to your liking. With us, nothing is impossible.

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  • Detox


    Due to stress, sitting all day at work, an unhealthy diet and the lack of exercise, our body is full of unhealthy and toxic substances. Our body is constantly trying to detoxify itself. But sometimes it needs help. Therefore, we created a detox package, which is perfect for your relaxing holidays.

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  • Wellness


    These days, living with a healthy lifestyle and being balanced is one of the most desired aspects of life. If you want to rest, recharge your batteries and enjoy a peaceful holiday, the wellness package is the right choice for you.

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  • Romantic


    Enjoy two days full of romance with your partner in the heart of the Hostýn Hills. Step out of your everyday routine and please yourself and your partner with a romantic candlelit dinner, Relax Symphony massage or with an evening walk in the forest. We prepared a rich program for you. With love.

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  • Golf


    Do you love golf? For passionate golf players and for casual players of the sport, that originates in the Scottish town of St. Andrews, we prepared a unique golf package. Enjoy the views and atmosphere of the well-known Czech golf paradise Prosper Golf Resort Čeladná or the Slovak Niklaus Design Legend Course and Heritage Course in the Penati Golf Resort with your family, friends or business partners.

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  • Party


    In the Villa Memories, you will experience a party worth remembering. Would you like to celebrate your birthday, bachelor’s party, arrange a wedding dinner, celebrate a newborn child or just enjoy some time with your friends? If you would like, we will arrange a themed party with a tailored program. Perhaps an African one.

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  • Family


    All of us agree, that family is the most precious thing we have. Therefore, we should take care of it, devote time, energy and most importantly, love to it. Take your better half and kids and enjoy an undisturbed holiday with us in the Villa Memories. We created a family package for you.


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  • Conference


    Would you like to organize a conference, training, meeting with your business clients or teambuilding? We created a special conference package for you. You are more than welcome here and we will take care of all your needs. And apart from business matters, you can perfectly relax.

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  • Luxury Detox Me Days

    Luxury Detox Me Days

    Discussions about holistic medicine and psychosomatic diseases are nowadays more frequent than ever. Give your body what it truly needs. Try out a balanced meal plan, learn how to relax and be grateful even for small things. Maybe your stay at our Villa with the Luxury Detox Me Days will change your life.

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  • Luxury Wine Days

    Luxury Wine Days

    In wine lies the truth. Enjoy your stay with the experienced wine taster Elsie Pells and find out about the beauties of life.

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  • Luxury Golf Days

    Luxury Golf Days

    Part of our Luxury Golf Days package, you will not only get to play on beautiful golf courses but also enjoy the relaxing massage Golf Dream and AntiStress Touch, a bottle of excellent Prosecco each day, or a transport to one of our recommended restaurants nearby.

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  • Experiences


    We create unique experiences. Satisfied guests love to come back to us.

  • Everything tailored for you

    Everything tailored for you

    We provide complex and tailored services. For pairs, families with children and businesses.

  • New stories

    New stories

    Each room, as every stay, offers a new story. With us, there is always something to explore.

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