Whatever you wish for Tailored events

We will provide a full program including a themed catering, photographer, trips and other activities. We make your dreams come true. You decide if you are more into exploring nature, a true gourmet experience or an unforgettable party. Close your eyes and imagine the perfect wedding or an unforgettable bachelor's party. How should it look like? You just need to tell us.

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Tailored events
Zdraví, krása a svěžest

The most beautiful day of your life

Just say Yes

Do you want to say yes to your loved one? We will arrange a wedding ceremony right in our Villa. You can also count on a photographer, DJs, wedding decoration, lunch and diner with a wedding cake and Champagne. We can also arrange a party for your children or other side events. We are ready to satisfy all your needs. Our staff will always be there for you and will make sure you have the most beautiful day of your life.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest

After the program

Something for everyone

Apart from your joint program, everyone can enjoy himself at will. Enjoy a relaxing massage, a bike ride, relax in the spa, jump on the trampoline or explore the beauties of the surroundings. You are away from your everyday rush, and you have a luxurious boutique hotel, garden, grill, swimming pool, sauna and our care available.


  • Experiences


    We create unique experiences. Satisfied guests love to come back to us.

  • Everything tailored for you

    Everything tailored for you

    We provide complex and tailored services. For pairs, families with children and businesses.

  • New stories

    New stories

    Each room, as every stay, offers a new story. With us, there is always something to explore.

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