With all your senses Massages

All massages are carried out with peeling salt and luxurious 100% natural body oils Alqvimia, which connect the ancient craft of alchymists and traditional aromatherapy with the newest medical and scientific trends. During the massage, let yourself be carried away by calming music of the chillout & fusion genre. It will get you into the mood and make your well-deserved massage even better. Which massage would you choose?

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Zdraví, krása a svěžest

60 minutes: 149 €

Four Hands Massage

A very popular and effective is the Four Hands Massage. The massage is carried out by two masseuses simultaneously, which will recharge your energy very quickly. Synchronized moves will not miss out on a single muscle and with the help of the Ylang Ylang oil, the massage is also beneficial for your nervous system, skin. It can also help against headache and it has aphrodisiac effects.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest

60 minutes: 75 €

Honey massage

Are you tired of being in a bad mood or not having enough energy? Enjoy yourself a regenerating honey massage, where you will feel warm honey pouring on your skin. Thanks to its detox effects and special masseur touches, all the harmful elements will be removed from your body. It will help to boost your immune system, improve your sleep quality and overall help your body to relax. After the massage, the honey will be washed away, which will also result in very hydrated and soft skin.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest

60 minutes: 75 €, 80 minutes: 99 €

Antistress Touch

Enjoy a relaxing oil massage Antistress Touch, combined with a reflex feet massage. Turn off all your phones, laptops, and let yourself be carried away by relaxing music, which will loosen your body, muscles and mind. It will loosen your tension and charge your body with new energy. The Antistress Touch massage is recommended to everyone with backpain or nape pain.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest

25 minutes: 29 €, 80 minutes: 99 €

Relax Symphony

Let your body free with the help of a massage carried out with emollient coconut oil – neutral, with the scent of vanilla or chocolate. Each muscle will be loosened by silicone cups and by soft touches of our masseuse, who will unblock all stiff body parts.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest

50 minutes: 75 €

Golf Dream

Golf is one of the noblest sports, which requires absolute concentration of body and mind. And what can be better after a demanding exercise than a massage, which will focus on those body parts, that need it the most? Thanks to the healing effects of our oils, your muscles will relax and all the tension will disappear.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest

120 minutes: 149 €

Buddha Energy

This exclusive full-body massage, where special oils and rare healing stones are used, originates in traditional Asian relaxing procedures. If you feel, that your body needs proper relaxation, you will definitely enjoy a procedure, where your stiff joints, tense muscles, free up your Meridian paths, and where your body will be flooded with new energy. Before the massage, you will be treated with salt peeling, which will make your skin silky smooth.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest

50 minutes: 65 €, 80 minutes, 99 €

Hot Stone Massage

This healing procedure aims to erase physical pain and psychical tension with the help of hot lava stones, which are documented to be used for thousands of years. Relaxing music will calm your senses and you can enjoy the best what the Earth has to offer.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest

25 minutes: 29 €, 50 minutes: 65 €

Indian head massage

Do you have the feeling, that your head will explode any minute? Forget antidepressants and treat yourself with the help of gentle touches from an experienced hand. The antistress head, nape, and shoulder massage will take the pressure away from your shoulders. With smooth and rhythmic moves, the massage will remove the physical and psychical burden.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest

50 minutes: 65 €

Acupressure hand and foot massage

This massage is optimal after an exhausting sports performance or as a prevention against possible issues connected with frequent working on the computer. A pressure foot massage will also stimulate your inner body and loosens all your possible blockages.

Zdraví, krása a svěžest

30 minutes: 39 €

Kids massage

Kids love massages because they feel ticklish. Our oil massage is fully adjusted to the age, weight, and individual needs of every child. It is very smooth, and thanks to the oil, it moisturizes and nourishes the child’s skin.


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